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About the Artist

About me!

Hi! This is Karen! I am a passionate artist who loves to use vibrant colors and simple shapes to create beautiful, vivid art! Art has been my creative outlet since I was a little girl. I am inspired most by the world around me as well as the relationship between human physiology (body parts, organs, etc.) and human emotion (love, anxiety, loneliness, etc.). As I draw, I reconcile my emotions from both key moments in my life and simple everyday emotional fluctuations. Because everyone has different life experiences, I tend to lean towards abstract illustrations to allow each viewer to be immersed and remember certain emotions they once felt. I named my shop Ichigo Designs after my childhood stuffed animal, named Ichigo, that I used to love drawing. I hope to create a sense of togetherness and appreciation for one another through my art. 

Outside of art, I just graudted USC with a degree in business and a minor in design. Some of my hobbies include exploring nature, trying new baking recipes, and going to local restaurants. I hope to grow my platform so I can spread positivity while supporting myself as an independent artist and one day create an even bigger business. 

I am also a human rights activist and a believer in the need for a more sustainable lifestyle. I voice my opinions to fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and for climate scientists. I believe that everyone, no matter their skin color, their self-identity, their economic/ social status, or whom they choose to love, should be treated equally and should never be discriminated against. I actively donate to organizations that combat discrimmination, poverty, and sexual assault. I hope to use my privilege as an Asian American to help support other minorities and causes.